Conservatives and Republicans not there yet

Lansing, Mich. – Twenty-four percent of registered Michigan voters believe possession of a small amount of marijuana should be treated like a speeding ticket without the possibility of jail time, while 41 percent support the legalization, regulation and taxation of small amounts of marijuana.

A survey conducted by Marketing Resource Group (MRG) and Mitchell Research and Communications shows that support for legalization is strongest among self-identified liberals and Democrats. The more conservative you are, and self-identified Republicans, are much less supportive of legalization or decriminalization.

“While attitudes toward marijuana may be relaxing, taking the more libertarian position could pose a problem for those running in GOP primary contests. The most conservative voters still support the status quo,” said Tom Shields, president of MRG.

Steve Mitchell, chairman of Mitchell Research and Communications said, “Support for the legalization of small amounts of marijuana continues to grow in Michigan. Without strong opposition from the law enforcement community, I would not be surprised to see a successful ballot proposal within the next few years.”

The actual wording of the question is below:

There is a proposal to treat the possession of small amounts of marijuana like speeding, with a ticket but no jail, rather than as a criminal misdemeanor that is punishable by a jail sentence.  Of the following three choices, which one do you agree with the most: [ROTATE]:

A) Small amounts of marijuana should continue to be treated like a misdemeanor crime that could lead to jail time as it is today: 31%
B) Small amounts of marijuana should not be legal but should be treated like speeding with a ticket but with no jail: 24%
C) Marijuana should just be made legal so it can be regulated and taxed like alcohol and tobacco: 41%
D) Don’t Know/Refused: 4%

Conducted October 6-10, 2013
(N=600 Likely Voters)
Live Telephone Interviewers
MOE + or – 4% at 95% Level of Confidence
77% Landline – 23% Cell Phone


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