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Lansing, Mich. – The appointment of a Detroit emergency manager may not be the political plus for Governor Rick Snyder that many had predicted. A poll conducted by Marketing Resource Group and Mitchell Research and Communications for Inside Michigan Politics shows that 47 percent of registered voters in Michigan are less likely to support Snyder after the bankruptcy declaration, while 41 percent say they are more likely to support him.

“Prior to the declaration of bankruptcy, early surveys showed support for the appointment of an emergency manager and some were predicting a political bounce for Snyder. Now that bankruptcy has been declared, retiree pensions and DIA are threatened, and lawsuits have been filed, things are not as positive for the Governor,” said Bill Ballenger, associate editor of Inside Michigan Politics.

Democrats are less likely to support Snyder by a 64 percent margin, Republicans are more likely to support by 40 percent and independents are nearly evenly split with 45 percent more likely to support to 41 percent less likely.

The actual wording of the question is below:

Governor Rick Snyder appointed an emergency manager to take control of the city of Detroit’s finances. The manager led Detroit to file for bankruptcy in federal court in July. Does knowing what Snyder and the manager have done make you much more likely, a little more likely, a little less likely, or much less likely to vote to re-elect Snyder governor of Michigan next year?

Much more likely: 22%
More likely: 19 | 41%
Less likely: 18 | 47%
Much less likely: 29%
[VOLUNTEERED] Don’t Know/Refused: 13%

More Likely: 12.6%
Less Likely: 76.4%
Don’t Know/Refused: 10.9%

More Likely: 64.8%
Less Likely: 24.2%
Don’t Know/Refuse: 10.9%

More Likely: 45%
Less Likely: 41%
Don’t Know/Refused: 14%

Conducted October 6-10, 2013
(N=600 Likely Voters)
Live Telephone Interviewers
MOE + or – 4% at 95% Level of Confidence
77% Landline – 23% Cell Phone


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