The ability to generate concise, thoughtful and useful content for your blog or website is essential to having a successful web presence.

Listening is a major part of social media that is often over looked. Observe and monitor what your followers are saying about you and topics related to your blog or website. The ability to understand growing trends will provide greater opportunities to fulfill the needs and expectations of those who follow your content.

MRG_ContentInteractive Content
Associated with listening is providing interactive content. Give online users the ability to directly contribute to your posts. Surveys, questionnaires and open-ended questions provide the opportunity for users to contribute to the source and become a dedicated part of the blog.

Comment on other blogs. Your favorite bloggers would love to hear from you. By commenting on other blogs, your name or brand is recognized as a valid contributor to the online community. Make your comments thoughtful and topic related. Everyone loves to see a “congratulations” post, but a thoughtful comment highlighting what you specifically liked will go much farther.

Invite other creators to contribute to your blog. Spotlighting related content will support your opinion and help drive traffic. This can also lead to partnerships, providing opportunities to have your material highlighted by sources other than your own.

Be Consistent
Having all of your social media linked together is a great way to increase followers across the board, but make sure your content is consistent. You don’t need to double post the content on all mediums to be effective. Instead, write about related topics to drive viewers to your main source, whether that be your blog, website or Facebook page.

Three Takeaways
1. Listen
2. Create interactive content
3. Be consistent

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