June 22, 2014

The following statement can be attributed to Jared Burkhart, Executive Director, Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers:

The Detroit Free Press series on charter public schools is irresponsible and absolutely misleading. Members of the Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers are accountable and provide strong oversight. A study from Stanford University shows that the Michigan model of authorizing is unique and effective as shown by the individual year to year growth of individual students. Charter schools in Michigan follow the same laws and rules as traditional schools and authorizers ensure these laws are followed. Members of the Council of Charter School Authorizers have been recognized across the country for strong oversight and holding schools accountable. Our members provide an extra layer of oversight where we intervene to provide support for struggling schools and close schools that show no improvement. Over 70 charter schools have been placed under a plan of intervention in the last year along with 5 more who faced closure.

The articles in the Sunday Free Press paint charter schools and Authorizers with broad brush strokes and intentionally ignore the differences of charter schools funding and student demographics when it doesn’t serve their purpose. My only hope is that they decide to inform their readership on the reality of the entire educational environment in the coming days.


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