Positive mood of the voters gives Snyder a boost

LANSING, Mich. – Governor Rick Snyder has taken a five-percentage point lead over his Democratic challenger Mark Schauer approximately one month out from the General Election. According to a recent statewide survey conducted by Marketing Resource Group (MRG), the Governor has taken a 46 percent to 41 percent lead over Schauer. The last MRG poll, conducted just before the primary, showed the race in a dead heat.

“Governor Snyder is starting to put some distance between himself and Mark Schauer,” said Tom Shields, president of MRG. “The governor’s personal approval and his job approval are the highest they have been in three years. The voters are becoming more positive about the direction of the state, and that is certainly helping Governor Snyder.”

The poll shows Governor Snyder leading in every media market except the Detroit Metro area where he trails Schauer by one percent. The Governor is also cutting into Schauer’s base by taking 14 percent of the Democratic vote, while Schauer is only getting 2 percent of the Republican vote.

Schauer is leading with female voters, voters in union households and voters in the city of Detroit.

Upbeat Mood of electorate helps the Governor

  • The poll also showed the Governor’s job approval at 55 percent with 40 percent disapproving of the job he’s doing. This is the highest favorable job approval the Governor has had since his first year in office.
  • 54 percent of the voters thought the state is on the right track, compared to only 34 percent who believed it is off on the wrong track.
  • 52 percent thought the economy was going to improve in the next year compared to only 7 percent who thought it was going to get worse.

If the general election for Governor of Michigan was being held today, and the candidates were (ROTATE: Rick Snyder, the Republican, and Mark Schauer (Shower) the Democrat, for whom would you vote? (IF UNDECIDED OR REFUSED, ASK: Which way do you lean as of today, toward (ROTATE: Snyder or Schauer?)



Marketing Resource Group’s Poll was conducted September 30 through October 1, 2014. The poll was conducted by live professionally trained telephone interviewers. The random sample, consisting of 600 likely voters who indicated that they will be voting in the November general election, has a margin of error of ±4 percentage points or less within a 95 percent degree of confidence.

The cluster sample was drawn from a list of voters likely to vote in the November general elections, which is determined by their participation in previous statewide general elections. The individuals included in that list and their voting histories are updated monthly. The poll sample is stratified by statewide voter turnout and is geographically representative of general election voter turnout in Michigan. Thirty percent of the respondents are likely voters who live in cell phone-only households.

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