Connection enables company to safely deliver refined petroleum products from Chicago area to consumers in Metro Detroit

Portage, Mich. —Wolverine Pipe Line Company announced today the new Detroit Metro Access Pipeline (DMAP) is in service. The first commercial volume shipped Monday, March 6, 2017. The approximately 34-miles of 16-inch diameter pipeline, which connects to an existing Wolverine line enables the pipeline company to deliver refined petroleum products from the Chicago area to consumers in Metropolitan Detroit.

Construction of the DMAP was completed in January and final pre-operational testing was conducted last month. The final phase of DMAP, restoration of the right-of-way, will be done this spring. Wolverine said it is committed to restoring landowner’s property in accordance to the agreement reached with individual landowners.

Wolverine’s newly constructed pipeline traverses from Schneider Road in Washtenaw County’s Freedom Township to its Detroit Metro Station in Romulus. At Romulus, the pipeline connects to an existing Wolverine line that continues to Woodhaven in Southwestern Metropolitan Detroit.

With the new DMAP, Wolverine now has nearly 700 miles of pipeline in active service and can now transport up to 90,000 barrels per day of gasoline and diesel fuel products from the Chicago area to Metropolitan Detroit. The pipeline was designed to meet or exceed all applicable federal and state regulatory requirements.

“There is a demand for additional gasoline and diesel fuel in the Detroit metropolitan area,” said Wolverine Pipe Line Company President Saul Flota. “The Detroit Metro Access Pipeline connects to our existing pipeline so we can bring gasoline products into southeast Michigan from refineries in the Chicago market. The new line was built to meet and often exceed federal and state regulatory requirements. We are committed to operating our pipelines in a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible manner protecting people, environment and property while satisfying the needs of our customers, and ultimately the motoring public.”

The new pipeline provides benefits to the state of Michigan that include:

  • Generated 250 to 300 construction jobs. As part of their agreement, general contractor Minnesota Limited built the pipeline with union labor, with approximately 45 percent of the workers sourced from local Other pipeline work was done by specialized labor.
  • Creating four to six new permanent jobs at Wolverine.
  • Workers spent approximately $4 million locally for fuel, materials, lodging and food during the planning and construction of the pipeline.
  • Providing an estimated $100,000 in local tax revenues and approximately $1.2 million in income taxes annually for the State of Michigan.

Last year, Wolverine was recognized for safety and environmental performance by the American Petroleum Institute (API). API awarded its Distinguished Safety and Environmental Award to the company, its highest safety and environmental performance award for pipeline operators.

Wolverine is a Michigan-based pipeline transportation service company incorporated in 1952, and is headquartered in Portage. Wolverine has 67 employees in three states where it operates — Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. Wolverine operates nearly 700 miles of active pipelines connecting refineries in Joliet and Lemont, Illinois and Hammond, Indiana to terminals in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan, including the new reconnection to Woodhaven in Southwestern Metropolitan Detroit. Wolverine transports more than 35 percent of all gas and diesel fuel products used in Michigan.

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