Today’s fast changing media landscape creates a myriad of challenges when doing a media interview.  With the demise of print outlets and the emergence of new social and multimedia channels, effective communication is paramount.  Are you prepared?

Giving a presentation is more than showing nice PowerPoint slides with cool graphics and having good notes. It’s about delivering your words in a compelling manner that capture and hold your audience’s attention.  Are you prepared?

Talking with a reporter or making a speech at a conference are skills that must be developed and cultivated. You can’t simply wing it. It takes Preparation, Coaching and Practice.   MRG is here to help.

MRG’s workshops, conducted by both a former broadcast journalist and a commercial actress and spokesperson, combine practical information with engaging hands-on exercises to give you the confidence you need to go in front of live TV cameras or to step up to the podium. We will customize our workshop to address your industry issues and specific needs.

Media Coaching Workshops
MRG will show you how to communicate effectively while still being authentic with the media in any given circumstance and how to control the way your organization is portrayed in the media. MRG provides customized interactive training to help you gain confidence to prepare for live or taped media interviews. Seeing and hearing yourself on video and testing your ability to convey your key messages under pressure is vital.You will learn how to be Proactive, Prepared and Practiced, the “Three Ps of a Successful Spokesperson”.MRG’s Media Coaching workshop, tailored to your specific needs, will give you the skills required to meet the press with confidence.

Our instructional overview is abbreviated to allow the maximum time for video taped live simulation, coaching and skill building. With the ultimate goals of using the media to educate key audiences and influence public opinion, you will learn the skills and confidence to:

  • Craft a clear message and stay on message
  • Stay in control of your own message
  • Practice relaxation tips – overcoming nervousness
  • Learn voice and delivery techniques
  • Anticipating and answering difficult questions

Public Speaking and Presence Coaching Workshops
MRG’s customized Public Speaking and Presence Coaching workshops are all about connecting with your audience and speaking authentically. Whether you want to refine your elevator speech, present a report at your board meeting or give a speech at a conference, our workshops will help you acquire new presentation skills and deliver comfortably and with confidence. Our goal is to start strong, engage the audience with compelling remarks and leave a good impression.

MRG will coach you on the “Three Vs” of communications – Verbal (words), Vocal (voice) and Visual (nonverbal communications).
Our focus is on helping you recognize the strengths that have propelled your success and show you how to bring out your best spontaneously – where ever, whenever. You will learn how to assemble and deliver dynamic oral presentations for both formal and informal settings.  MRG’s coaching is designed specifically to help you:

  • Connect and engage your audience
  • Project your natural voice
  • Use vocal variety
  • Maximize eye contact
  • Master nonverbal communications
  • Manage speech anxiety