Community Relations
The adage, all politics are local, is the reason community relations has become such an integral part of any organization’s communications efforts. Working with neighbors, local government leaders, business and civic and charitable organizations is critical to on-going efforts to be viewed positively in a community. MRG has a long history of knowing Michigan’s communities and of helping clients develop the best approach for working effectively with them.

Communications Materials
MRG provides all ranges of written, audio and visual communications, including media relations materials, new media, brochures, annual reports, speech writing, radio and TV commercial scripting and production, video presentation scripting and production, presentation development and anything else an effective communicator may need or want.

Corporate Affairs
We help our clients manage and protect their reputation and strengthen their presence in the communities in which they operate. We help facilitate relationship building, corporate social responsibility programs, media relations and issue management to strengthen corporate brands.

Crisis Communications Planning and Counsel
Crisis communications is the art of handling the unexpected, and nearly every organization will experience a crisis. MRG specializes in assisting organizations in preparing communications protocols before crises hit, allowing the organization to communicate effectively and calmly when one does hit. We are also skilled at helping organizations deal with communicating during a crisis, even when a crisis plan has not been prepared.

Issue Management
MRG has helped many of our clients win some of the most contentious and important public policy issues in Michigan including education, environmental, gaming, product liability, taxation, public safety, professional sports, and regulation issues, just to mention a few. Nobody is better prepared to help put together an issue management team, or work with your lobbyists to provide the information and grassroots support critical in today’s term-limited State Legislature. Our knowledge of the political process, combined with our public affairs experience, gives our clients the winning edge.

Every day, our team of media relations professionals work with reporters, across Michigan and beyond, in every facet of the media world.

Media Relations
Media relations remain MRG’s bread and butter. Every day, our team of media relations professionals work with reporters, across Michigan and beyond, in every facet of the media world. We work behind the scenes to shape stories, provide reporters with resources to bring context to stories, and serve as spokespersons on many issues. Our team members have generated numerous placements, feature articles, photographs, live TV and radio interviews, talk show and guest appearances and much more. Additionally, the firm regularly organizes successful news conferences and other media events on behalf of clients.

Successful media stories are the result of prepared interviewees who focus on delivering concise, thoughtful and precise messages to their audiences. We prepare individuals for media interviews so they put their best foot forward, stay on message, and communicate effectively with their audiences. MRG regularly organizes and manages:

  • Editorial board meetings
  • Letter to the editor placement
  • Media pitch development and implementation
  • Media training
  • News conferences and press releases
  • Op-ed placement
  • Public service announcements

Public Affairs
Since our founding in 1979, MRG has been located a stone’s throw from the State Capitol Building and in the middle of the state government community. We know the players and where to find them. We know the process, the buzz, and the game. We bring all of that, and more, to effective use for our clients and to accomplish their goals. We develop plans to support advocacy goals and objectives, and we work hand in hand with lobbyists and lawyers to create the environment necessary for our clients’ efforts to be successful.

Special Events Planning
Special events such as groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings, Capitol rallies, news conferences and other events require attention to detail. MRG has planned and managed a wide range of special events ranging from those for small associations to major corporate events. We maintain a vast network of vendors and suppliers to help make special events special, flawless, and cost effective.

Strategic Planning
Effective public relations programs are the result of sound, strategic planning. MRG’s talented and seasoned communications and political strategists are well equipped to work with organizations to develop public relations programs aimed at winning tough public issues, maintaining, repairing or enhancing reputations, or winning against assaults. We make the task of planning convenient with wrap around services that include survey research and analysis, effective message development, communications program development and execution of the plan.